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We offer beautiful homes, ready when you are. Need to move now? Purchase one of our move-in ready homes and skip the wait! Plus, during our New Years Sales Event, you can save thousands on select homes!


Your Monthly Payment

With our 2-1 Buydown Program, offered by Bell Bank Mortgage, you can enjoy reduced mortgage payments during the first 2 years in your new home!

For Example:

If your home purchase price was $500,000...

Year 1

$ 1,852
Monthly Payment
  • 3.919% APR

Year 2

$ 2,086
Monthly Payment
  • 4.935% APR

Year 3

$ 2,334
Monthly Payment
  • 5.952% APR
*Payment estimates are based on a 30-year fixed term, 20% down, 740 credit score, 30-day rate lock and do not include taxes and insurance; therefore the actual payment obligation will be greater. Rates and payments displayed are estimated based on typical monthly principal and interest payments. Rates are based on borrowers’ ability to qualify and are subject to market fluctuations which may change the rates without notice. This is not a commitment to lend. Equal Housing Lender. Rate and payment information is provided by Kevin Yamaya at Bell Bank Mortgage, NMLS#400490. Bell Bank Mortgage is not affiliated with JP Brooks, Inc. sales and marketing and is provided for informational purposes only. Contact Kevin Yamaya, NMLS#400490 at to find out more about programs to suit your needs. **To receive the 2-1 Buydown the buyer must purchase a JP Brooks Inc. home, finance with Kevin Yamaya at Bell Bank and close with Custom Home Builders Title. You are not required to use Bell Bank or Custom Home Builders Title as a condition of the settlement of your loan program or as a condition of your purchase or sale of the Property. There are other settlement service providers available with similar services and you’re free to shop around to determine the best rate for these services.

New Years Sales Event

The Arbor
Coming Soon

892 Emmy Lane

Hanover, MN 55341
Lot 11, Block 6, Addition 2

$359,900 $369,900

3 Beds2 Baths1,262 Sq Ft
The Arbor
Quick Move-In

856 Emmy Lane

Hanover, MN 55341
Lot 9, Block 6, Addition 2

$399,900 $409,900

5 Beds3 Baths2,228 Sq Ft
The Afton
Coming Soon

137 Terning Way

Howard Lake, MN 55349
Lot 5, Block 7, Addition 2

$339,900 $389,900

3 Beds2 Baths1,410 Sq Ft
The Augusta Villa
Quick Move-In

398 Emmy Lane

Hanover, MN 55341
Lot 1, Block 2, Addition 2

$399,900 $407,900

2 Beds2 Baths1,577 Sq Ft
The Arbor
Quick Move-In

828 Emmy Lane

Hanover, MN 55341
Lot 7, Block 6, Addition 2

$379,900 $412,900

3 Beds2 Baths1,262 Sq Ft
The Preston
Quick Move-In

771 Emmy Lane

Hanover, MN 55341
Lot 4, Block 5, Addition 2

$499,900 $509,900

4 Beds4 Baths2,652 Sq Ft
The Taylor
Quick Move-In

511 Emmy Lane

Hanover, MN 55341
Lot 1, Block 3, Addition 1

$524,900 559900

5 Beds4 Baths2,963 Sq Ft
The Bradford
Quick Move-In

195 Henry Road

Big Lake, MN 55309
Lot 2, Block 11, Addition 3

$329,900 $349,900

2 Beds2 Baths1,492 Sq Ft