Our Process

We love to build homes through a hands on experience to ensure a fun and exciting process the whole way through!

From meeting with our project manager during your selections process, to a walk through of your property just before it is completed, and even a check-up 1 year after your home is built – JP Brooks wants you to love your home just as much as we do!

Builder Meeting

Sit down with the builder himself and discuss your goals for your new home. At JP Brooks, we can customize an existing floor plan or you can come up with your very own dream plan. We also discuss the options and selection’s you’d like to include in your new home and send that over to our project manager for pricing.

Pricing Review

You will receive a line itemized pricing sheet of each selection or option you have chosen above the builders base options options or a credit where you choose not to have an already chosen one. If you have a fully customized plan, you’ll have all options and selections itemized and right in front of you.

Designing the Look of your New Home

To choose the color scheme of your brand new home, JP Brooks’ own Project Manager, Dan Aho, will help you choose all of your selections and keep a consistent theme across your new home. He will also be able to answer your questions about the differences between materials all while keeping you in your desired price range.


Once all documents have been drafted and permits are pulled, we are able to break ground on building your brand new home. Our project manager, along with our sales team: Amelia, Ryan and Jenn, will be able to assist you in any questions related to your build.

Before You Get the Keys To Your New Home

The week before your new home becomes a reality, you once again meet with Dan at your new home to walk through to discuss any final modifications.

Post Build

JP Brooks loves to builds homes and wants to ensure you love your home just as much as we do. So if there is a question or a concern about your home, we want to hear about it! You will also hear from our project manager once again around the year mark as he will be scheduling a time to walk through your home and take care of any items that may have popped up in your home’s first year.

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